How To Unlock Dry Bones : Mario Kart Wii

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hey what is up guys so today I'm gonna

be showing you guys how to unlock dry

bones in Mario Kart Wii so in order to

unlock dry bones what you're gonna need

to do is get the first-place trophy on

the leaf Cup in 100cc so to do this

first you're gonna need to unlock the

leaf Cup by playing and winning in the

shell Cup and the banana Cup so once you

have unlocked the leaf Cup all you need

to do is play through it you don't need

to get first in every race you usually

get first overall and get the

first-place golden trophy and really

quick this has to be the leaf Cup on

100cc it can't be 150 CC or 50 CC it has

to be a hundred CC once you do that you

should unlock dry bones I mean it's

pretty easy it's pretty simple it's only

100 CC it's really not that hard so yeah

that's pretty much it guys thank you

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