Hard Reset Factory Restore Password Wipe Motorola Droid X2 Verizon How to Tutorial

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hey youtubers today I'm gonna show you

how to do a hard reset factory store

password wipe on your Motorola Droid X -

from Verizon okay I just want to show

you I intentionally put a pattern lock

here this will this will wipe out the

pattern lock the password or pin lock

this will erase everything on your phone

so all your contacts and all that if

it's on the phone it will completely be

erased and return back to factory

settings so if you didn't save it on

your SD card or Google account then you

know I mean you're gonna have to start

back from scratch okay so the first

thing we want to do is wanna power off

the device and remove the back cover

which I've already done here and then we

want to remove the battery and then

reinsert it okay next step I have to

reinsert it okay the volume down key


I'm gonna press it and hold it and then

we want to press and hold the power

button at the same time until we see

fastboot on the top of the screen there

once we see that we can let go okay

there's the fastboot right there and

then we want to press the volume down

button to scroll and you see it's