Motorola Droid Turbo Root & Bootloader unlock Tutorial with SunShine App & No PC

alright guys here we go

droid turbo bootloader unlock video this

is it

this is it alright so some prerequisites

you're going to have to know you do this

first thing is is you want to get to the

latest build of Android well currently

it's the latest build of Android so you

want to be on right here build number

su4 TL - for four really important

android 5.1 again matching kernel as

well you want to be on this stack built

for you to unlock the bootloader on the

droid turbo okay alright so from here

we're going to go to an ex-dea post here

online and this talks you through and it

talks about how to do it so you're going

to want to read through this entire post

but basically you need two files one of

them is kingroot and you're going to

want to go ahead and download the APK so

i'll go ahead and download it go ahead

okay and so replace because i've

previously downloaded it and then you're

going to want to scroll down right here

and download sunshine app this is by

JK's awesome developer and go ahead and

download that file as well once you have

these two files downloaded you'll be all

set to go ahead and unlock your

bootloader so kingroot actually will

root the device and there you go so

they're both downloaded so we're going

to install kingroot this is what's going

to root your device and that's what it's

going to allow sunshine app to actually

unlock the bootloader kingroot only

temperature device on this android build

but it's okay because we only need a

temporary done anyway so we'll hit done

we're going to install sunshine there we


so this is really very simple this would

be be able to unlock the bootloader

without even a computer now you're once

you have your bootloader unlocked you're

going to need to have you know hook up

to your computer to actually send a lot

of commands but it is what it is all

right so we can back out of this so if

we go on our app drawer now we should

have kingroot so we're going to click on

it and then what we're going to do is

we're going to scroll through this and

we're going to go ahead and try to route

the device so the first thing it does it

detects the device that you have so it

should show you the droid turbo here and

then it'll go ahead and run some

exploits to try to get root access on

the turbo so let's just go ahead and let

this thing go there you go there's a

device verifying root so try to root

we'll go ahead and do that normally this

thing gets to about 17 18 percent and

then it goes really fast and it says

it's done if it doesn't root your device

try rebooting and running kingroot again

sometimes it takes a couple tries but it

should be able to get root access on the


so you can see right here mine failed us


so we're going to try for take two here

and see if second time had to reboot the

phone even to get it to go to take two

it's giving me a Google Play error but

let's just not touch anything and see

what happens here really annoying

actually trying to see what's going on

here come on give me root access this

time Google Play services is stopped and

okay so let's close that out all right

root access root successful share a

friend so no thanks let's go ahead and

just make sure root actually works and

go to root checker and just make sure

that root access is functional at this

point so we're going to ask for

information I'm going to allow it and

there we go so it did work I did have to

do a reboot it even did a ton of force

closes and all kinds of crazy stuff it

was goofy but anyway you're going to be

good to go so you have root access

you're officially rooted so now we're

going to go to sunshine application

which is right here little Sun and we're

going to accept a disclaimer it's a big

long thing about we're going to break in

a phone blah blah blah except we're

going to say okay to some bootloader

stuff and then we're going to go ahead

and do some testing so we'll go ahead

and continue so just going to test the

device really quick we're going to allow

root access and your device has passed

pretest you're ready to do it so from

here you're going to continue and it's

going to do a little bit more full

compatibility testing so determine

involve a lock and unlock the device

please be patient allow to finish so

it's going to go ahead and test this now

sunshine it does cost twenty-five

dollars so there is a cost involved and

the reason for that is really to cover

development the amount of time and

effort that the developers put into

unlocking and s off on these devices

funds especially when they gotta by test

the phones and things like that and

sometimes a lot of times break them

while they're doing it and had to throw

them away so right here it says buy or

code I've got a code let me go ahead and

put my code in alright I went ahead and

put my code in and there you go so you

can buy it right there I think you can

use PayPal or credit card to actually

purchase it in the app or if you have a

code that you've pre purchase you can

just type the code in and you'll be good

from there so your purchase is being

completed please wait while it generates

a license so what it does is it goes

ahead and completes it then it generates

a license back to the device and then

you're good so here we go we're going to

go ahead and push any key to continue

all right your license generation was

successful sunshine is now unlocking

your device use afterwards the device

will reboot and be unlocked so yes this

is really awesome so now we're just

waiting for the progress bar across the

bottom to go again super excited about

this actually love my turbo I was using

it as my company phone here for a couple

weeks now and it's gonna wipe everything

that's going to be the one downside to

doing this it wipes everything off the

phone when you unlock your bootloader it

does a factory reset it I would be

shocked if it doesn't but it should do a

factory set so we're going to see if it

doesn't that's good even awesomer but

most likely it's going to do a factory

set when you unlock it so there you go

there's the unlikely little warning

that's awesome

that is the sign of success right there

and that is wicked cool so we're gonna

see if it actually does that or not if I

or if I keep all my data I really don't

know but from here now we can flash twrp

recovery we can flash custom roms we can

do custom images I mean it just goes on

and on

kernels and everything else probably get

seijin might on this thing at some point

which is gonna be awesome

this phone is a beast oh that is wicked

awesome okay so we unlock the bootloader

and we have not wiped data on this thing

so everything is still fully functional

on the device with an unlocked

loader okay I got to say I'm loving that

I'm absolutely loving that I was really

worried as gonna wipe the device but

it's not

I do see I'm getting this little Google

Play services error and and the reason

I'm getting that error I think is

because of kingroot because King routes

are really crappy application in my

opinion it does allow you to do route

access like this very easily but it's

kind of junk anyway I'm going to show

you guys how to remove that in my next


I'm going to show you how to install

twrp recovery how to get root access

with supersu a whole bunch of cool

things it's all going to be through the

computer but I really wanted to put this

together really quick just to show you

how to unlock the bootloader and how

simple it is no computer needed just run

a couple applications and you're pretty

much there I hope you guys have liked

this video stay tuned for those other

videos I'm going to be doing on this

device like I said TWRP recovery getting

rid of kingroot and all those other

things I hope you like these videos a

big shout out to Jay case thanks buddy

appreciate the code as well and we'll

catch you guys in the next one or you

junkie out