- How to factory reset - Hard reset - Remove password Droid turbo xt1254

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okay so if you want to reset the do you

factory reset on this phone you have to

hold down and then press power and it

goes to recovery mode you have to go

down you have to press 110 down and then

just press power button and then it goes

three Karam on then just wait a little


and now you have to press volume up and

bottom power bond

you have to press a couple times

and then it goes to the screen and then

just go down to wipe data and factories

and just press power again and then

scroll down all the way to delete all

this stuff and I'm proud of our again

and again to reset

it'll take like a couple seconds

and then you can just reboot this phone

and it's going to live all of your

passwords whatever you had on it all of

your data - I'm just wait and it's going

to be like a new phone