Motorola Droid Turbo Root & Bootloader unlock Tutorial with SunShine App & No PC

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alright guys here we go

droid turbo bootloader unlock video this

is it

this is it alright so some prerequisites

you're going to have to know you do this

first thing is is you want to get to the

latest build of Android well currently

it's the latest build of Android so you

want to be on right here build number

su4 TL - for four really important

android 5.1 again matching kernel as

well you want to be on this stack built

for you to unlock the bootloader on the

droid turbo okay alright so from here

we're going to go to an ex-dea post here

online and this talks you through and it

talks about how to do it so you're going

to want to read through this entire post

but basically you need two files one of

them is kingroot and you're going to

want to go ahead and download the APK so

i'll go ahead and download it go ahead

okay and so replace because i've

previously downloaded it and then you're

going to want to scroll down right here

and download sunshine app this is by

JK's awesome developer and go ahead and

download that file as well once you have

these two files downloaded you'll be all

set to go ahead and unlock your