Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and Droid RAZR

MAXX HD this will be the XT 907 and XT

926 GSM unlocking for us carriers you

can see I will show you very quickly

I have edge I did have HSPA service a

little bit ago but it went away because

simple mobile apparently doesn't carry

HSPA+ I'll also show you real quick that

it is in fact running off of a GSM

carrier goodwill networks and networks

drink GSM pull this down as a voicemail

whatever and yeah um so this is really

really really easy to do and I was

checking out the forum um on

xda-developers I'll put a link to the

forum if you want to follow that method

if this method doesn't work but I'm

guaranteeing you this will work make

sure your phone is off and you're going

to put it into VP tools mode using

Windows 7 64 bit you're going to need to

manually load the drivers for the QC

Diagnostics because well 107 for

whatever reason the drivers aren't

signed for it so way to go a Motorola

but hold volume up volume down and the

power button go down to VP tools with

the volume down and then hit volume up

and it will boot now I already have the

drivers loaded so I don't need to do

this by the way I'm running the stock

over-the-air update for one two and I

have the stock modem on it as well so I

have not changed anything internally in

the phone I will show you real quick

what you do need to change once you get

drivers installed on your phone or not

on the phone like Peter you're going to

open up your copy of CDMA workshop I

will not provide this for you you can

find it yourself

I do have the cracked version and it

will work perfectly fine thank you


now you're going to connect your convoy

comport comm point -5 and click connect

go to Security tab click on type the SPC

which is one two three four five six

zeros look SPC and click send SPC is

correct phone unlocked click read I

don't really know if you need to click

read or not but I did then go to the

memory tab and click read it'll tell you

send the SPC but we've already done that

click OK

first NP item you're going to select

this eight three two two last envied

item eight three two three click OK now

I've already done this so I don't really

need to do it but just change the just

type in anything eight three two two dot

text save overwrite it that's fine

doesn't matter now what you're going to

do is go to where you saved that text

file and right here

the first item under eight three two two

is going to say zero one change this to

0 0 and click file save exit out and

exit go back in the CDMA workshop click

right click ok and find your eight three

two two dot txt file open it and boom ok

items written click OK

exile CDMA workshop click yes to send

mode reset and your Droid Razr Maxx or

RAZR MAXX HD will reset put in your GSM

SIM below to your APNs actually you

probably won't even have to load the

APNs at least I didn't for simple mobile

and your TSM unlocked it's that easy

folks hope you guys enjoyed this video

if you found this useful

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catch you later