How To Remove DRM From Kindle eBooks Using Calibre (100% Free)

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in this video I'm going to show you how

to remove the protections that Kindle

puts on their ebooks or in other words

how to remove the DRM if you don't

already know when you buy a book from

the Kindle app or the Amazon store what

happens is the book is protected so you

can't edit it in any way or convert the

file or view the file in any other

application other than the Kindle app so

in this video I'm going to show you how

to remove that protection and we're

going to be doing this by using a

program called calibre and I'm not going

to get into details about what calibre

can do in the most general way to

describe it it is an e-book library

manager and there's a bunch of different

things that you can do with it

if you don't already have calibre you

can go ahead and head to the description

and click on the very first link it's

going to take you to this website and

all you're gonna have to do is download

and install calibre once you do that

we're going to be using two different

plug-ins for calibre and I'll add links

in the description for both of these the

first one is going to be called D DRM

tools and basically once you click on a