How To Remove DRM From Kindle eBooks Using Calibre (100% Free)

in this video I'm going to show you how

to remove the protections that Kindle

puts on their ebooks or in other words

how to remove the DRM if you don't

already know when you buy a book from

the Kindle app or the Amazon store what

happens is the book is protected so you

can't edit it in any way or convert the

file or view the file in any other

application other than the Kindle app so

in this video I'm going to show you how

to remove that protection and we're

going to be doing this by using a

program called calibre and I'm not going

to get into details about what calibre

can do in the most general way to

describe it it is an e-book library

manager and there's a bunch of different

things that you can do with it

if you don't already have calibre you

can go ahead and head to the description

and click on the very first link it's

going to take you to this website and

all you're gonna have to do is download

and install calibre once you do that

we're going to be using two different

plug-ins for calibre and I'll add links

in the description for both of these the

first one is going to be called D DRM

tools and basically once you click on a

link in the description it's gonna take

you to this website and you're gonna

want download this zip file right here

after you download that one go ahead and

head to the other link in the

description it's going to take you to

the KFX input plug-in and it's gonna

bring you to a forum like this all you

have to do is scroll down and on the

very first post you should see a KFX

input dot zip file just go ahead and

download that so I already have all the

files downloaded I also have an e-book

here this is the Kindle eBook that I'm

going to be using it's the folder and it

comes directly from my Kindle content

library so these are my two plugins for

the d drm tools plugin what you're gonna

have to do is extract that one and for

the KFX input you're not gonna you're

not going to need to extract that one so

once you have all those things go ahead

and open up calibre and we're going to

need to install the plugins

but before we do that I want to show you

what I mean by not being able to do

anything with the kindle protected eBook

so I'm gonna go ahead and open up the

e-book or import it to library and as

you can see it doesn't give the title

author and there's no details about this

book and I can't even view it so what

I'm gonna do is remove that and show you

how to fix that so to install the

plugins what you're gonna want to do is

click on the Preferences button scroll

down to the bottom and under advanced

you want to click on plugins and you're

going to want to click on load plug-in

from file and once you do that for the

first D DRM tools plug-in you're going

to want to open up the folder that we

extracted and click on D DRM caliber

plugin and then select the zip file

that's inside of that folder once you do

that it's going to give you a warning

saying installing plugins is a security

risk or can be just go ahead and click

yes to acknowledge this message and then

click OK next you're gonna want to do

the same thing to install the KFX input

plugin except you're just going to

select that zip file that we downloaded

it's going to give you the same security

risk message go ahead and click yes and

then click OK and then make sure you

click apply right here at the bottom

right corner and then click close and

then in order for the plugins to take

effect we're going to have to restart

the Calibur program so now that the

plugins are installed and we restarted

calibre I'm going to go ahead and import

that same book that I tried to import

previously so as you can see I imported

the same exact azw file and now it's

giving me the information from the

e-book and basically the e-book isn't

locked so now I can convert it to

whatever file type I want and put it on

you know different devices and

applications versus just the Kindle app

if you have any questions on how to do

this feel free to leave a comment in the

section below if not I hope you guys

enjoyed the video

and thank you for watching