Removing DRM Locks From eBooks

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everybody what's going on it's Mack here

welcome back to another new video today

we're doing something that kind of sits

on a moral gray area so let's go ahead

and get started first thing that you're

gonna need is a web browser open to a

few different apps the first thing

you're gonna need is a tool called

Calibri calibre Calibri you know what

let's what's getting a little bit of an

assist here mmm maybe anyways this is a

fairly well-known tool this is just a

good like ebook management tool and then

the next thing is a tool from a guy on

github apprentice apprentice Harper and

this is a tool that he's built to you

know DRM so download both of those right

now we're at version 6.6 dot 3 if you

see anything newer obviously get that

but if you just download this zip file

here it's gonna have the proper files

for every platform next thing we need is

an actual book with a DRM lock so the

first I just went to Amazon like the

Kindle book store and grabbed the first

free book that I saw it's pretty easy to

get a book with a DRM lock just buy or

download any book from Kindle Store

Apple books Google Play Books there are