How To Get Dredgen Title (THE Gambit Title) EASY! (Destiny 2)

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so you want every single title in

destiny - well I am here to try to help

you along the way welcome everybody this

is going to be a series on getting all

of the titles that are currently

available in destiny - now keep in mind

this is coming out right before shadow

keep this is moments of triumph still

available for now and we have every

other title that precedes it so let's

start with an easy title for the first

video probably the easiest title to

obtain in destiny but one that my

dumbass still does not have is the

dredgen title now the dredgen title is

very very straightforward however it

does involve a lot of gambit actually

only gambit so let's start with the

easiest parts of it high-value Hawke

defeating high-value targets such as

wanted enemies from all species this

means when you're in the middle of a

gambit match running around the map

killing high-value targets as they spawn

typically high-value targets will spawn

after a set of enemies has left the area

it'll say high-value target they usually

spawn by themselves and away from all

the enemies so that one is fairly

straightforward all you're gonna do is