WoW Classic/ Warlock mount Dreadsteed full guide/ Long version

could go in or the mother will give you

a quest more Zubov Inger your delving

into the dark arts Rd your mastery of

otherworldly denizens has grown so


perhaps you are ready to buy to you one

of the infamous

red states the ritual to summon the

beasts from its home requires great

power and resources but if you desire to

dominate that epic mount then speak with

north of all bringer he's camped near

the order of storms in the burning steps

go this class will be perilous but a

warlock of your stage doesn't shy from


greetings and welcome are you here to

study near the author of stones as I am

perhaps to harness its energy for some

hidden purpose or are here to speak with

me yes I believe you are rate or blood

the dread steeds dwell of another world

on the fiery plains Oxford and to bind

one of those faint beasts

you must invoke powerful groups I can

scribe the grips an apartment for you

but first I will need the special ink

bring 30 bottles of raging beast blood

tumors oh boy bringer also take this

first or being whole marzu says that you

want to open a portal solid to do that

you will need authority on Stardust or

being whole mortal says that you want to

open a portal solid to do that unique

sorting Stardust that's not easy to

fight a hazard there is one being who

might have some or being honed Raiden

are the seat of the shadow council speak

with him and he might part with the

Stardust but if you are going to Drey

dinner then you need to quote yourself

in the shadow council own for a revival

that will require some of my shadowy

portions and that will cost you

be real

for the capacitator but you need to go

to interesting and kill any of these our

Beast Master Chorale beast reading all

basement are to the Beast you name it

right now I'm killing these high levels

here also in this area there are water

wells you can find him here also drop

chance is not that great before we start

doing quest war being whole be sure to

have this item in your bags shuttle

portion also be sure to have at least

150 goals on your character because you

will need to buy an item for that amount

of gold let's start entrances here

danger shadows friendly trainer

can talk to them

well not friendly to those let's

continue allowing

as you can see in this room there is a

water kotas

going down going down

let's go left

those two and their master is needed for

a quest final draw if I'm not mistaken

okay let's go up

now this is a few giasses

and he's that great award being Hall

5908 my patient spends the munivar walk

but nothing it allows you more than an

instant of my time

ootek the traitor you wish to enter

mangle graces then kill for me my

servant attack is pathetic how he grows

before me all the vile parting with all

some rocks or odd helm rod plan to

reserve my power here and attack is his

pie proved to serve me and not my rivals

confront him in his quarters in the

shadow holds let's go back

okay there he is Brad Wars perhaps you

mean or being whole he sends his regards

and has a message for you I mastered

from being ho ho what message is that

does he have neither his great adviser

answered gotek does he require my


no OTF he knows your secret he knows

your portal with all hell neurotics

worid what but how no this is not

possible I have been so careful he could

not know you are you are I know you

would have for DC it's no I traitor

paying once your heart and I'm

going to get it for him oh well there's

a lotta mobs

it's fear that

nice finishing

let's fear this man

like sacrifices rescue

okay because his heart I'm sorry finish


now this is autumn ops

I can already taste the heart attack on

my lips so sweet is the fresh of trader

now how splendid after we wrote in a

week this heart will prove us a country

perhaps I was sent for who died fed and

placed before me as I ate sir audience

toward us so you come to me seeking sir

wrote and starless you wish to open

imported ox or the domain of her new rod

my rival

perhaps you friend steal from him one of

his precious threads did very well my

servant pulled down as a super ox wrote

and Stardust you may obtain it from him

if we can pay the price is right here as

I said you need 150 gold and that's it

you can now go back to the burning steps

there it is I can hardly believe you got


you must have struck a big deal with

that dreidel or else peterward Sam or

booth more so we'll have his Inc very

soon and then he can finally make the

grave parchment so you can open a portal

look so rod and pull through it one of

the frame the red states oh very good I

will have this bought distilled into an

ink and use it for the parchment I

promised you and perhaps I will say just

a little for myself as I hear its taste

is quite your fork via the ice my

servant garsik is an alchemist of some

skill he can prepare the ink I won't

need for a parchment oh it's void it

must be from master Zhu then he's so

normally with stuff and allows to see it

spilled I however prefer it cruising

through the veins of a small rodent

this is powerful but more zu must be

making another part into some 100 see

how exciting if that's true and you're

going to perform the ritual you are

going to need a lot more than blood my


Bev of that a bell of that moral

name of the wait for walk that more dark

eyes he is one of the three tools needed

to create a circle of greater summoning

then properly attuned with the video and

the candle those items conduct the

stores of arcane power my servant Garza

can construct such a bell but to do so

he will need rewards the pie of elixirs

of shadow power procured the awake seal

from an alchemist and bring them to

korzak you will need 10 Alex's shadow

power you can buy them from the auction

house or create by yourself recipe for

this Alex you can buy in the Undercity

you need three ghost mushrooms for one a

week Savitri's 30 goes mushrooms you can

find them in Meriden in hinterlands

in scow crock I found to view of the

black March a view of the back March

contains and directs the violent energy

required for the circle of greater

summoning for Korczak to construct a

view he will need both word proven

shards from an enchanter and dark iron

or from a master minor acquire these and

bring them six or driven chars

you can get these from decent renting

well fifty possible items or buy them on

the auction house twenty-five dark iron

or you can get in Blackrock depths or

mountain core and of course auction

house doomsday can do a doomsday kind of

stores fire and directed at those who

disrupt your route role when creating

your circle of great reasoning if you

can do it than anyway Verdeans will be

burned by its flames

containing that fire is not easy and

requires the essence between the skills

or birth dragon acquire those skills

from a skin and bring them to connect

Wild Eyes 35 black dragon skills you can

buy them on the auction house Poor's

kingdom from the anyway fifty plus black

dragon king of course if he is a highway

and the weight it's a hard chance for

you to get the item imp delivery there

is one more process required for more

zoo apartment I need paper infused with

sort and Stardust and I'm afraid I can't

do that here I don't have the equipment

there is an alchemy however with

everything needed it's in the

scholomance on the eye of zared arrow in

the fragrance i can make the trip but

here take this drawer there is an imp

inside who is quite clever let him out

at the alchemy lab and he will infuse

the parchment

ra's frost whisper I was six to age

let's take him down and then he was

quest item

no this is a nice Crete I got his


that's it

I got all the materials 25 dark iron ore

I paid between thirty and forty gold

maybe 35 ten oasis shadow part I made

them with my Alchemist I had to buy 25

goes mushrooms that was around 20 gold

our candy bar also made them 150 gold

for these three black dragon scale 35

this was around 40 gold so altogether

250 gold and I had six who are brilliant


on my work I'm an enchanter

for gold

three arcane bars yeah I have them and

final quest and red seed of horrid all

the preparations are made now we must

perform the ritual to create a circle

greater summoning then he was department

infused Big Sur audience started to open

a portal to exhort I have written the

instructions for the ritual on to scroll

studied closely we must perform each

step exactly if you wish to succeed

I got what you need

you can buy these items here or you can

find a water who already done this quest

line he will probably have this item in

his bank and you can pay him a fifty

gold and by doing that you will saved

200 oh well they keep the sacrifice also

oh yeah God sacrificed and enslave the

human nice oh my god

try to regen

go felguard kill imps

you know I have second wind mana tide

bingo spell garden eat

oh my god does the most anime it's all

so easy

those guys have faith Oh what does it

tell you will see a book sparking it's

it's time-based its time tastes like

five minutes

yeah it's seven to eight Major General

oh my god these dread guards imagine

three warlocks

they may live for 800 what the actual

hell is this the clicker my totems

I don't like them who are oh wow this is

it guys this is it we can start this

mission guard red rose also okay this

means first yeah anyway we are


it's from food

Oh ready yep

come back here village


halfway when it's happy behind the Red

Road also will come just long

that's not halfway

happy Mount blood

and I'm sleeping

prince the corrosion Red Sea spirit is

built in Auto rage poses through its

ghostly flanks you know that the be

soldiers it whispers dark metric into

your mind and instills between the note

the sermon and red state dirtiest people

dread steed of sort he talks


one of the best of amounts in the

classic hey Who am I kidding is the best

of him out in the classic

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