Drawer Slide Tutorial: Ball Bearing vs. Roller Style

slides are able to open and close so

easily because of their mechanism the

two most common types of mechanisms are

ball bearing and roller ball bearing

slides are made from high-grade steel

and the components right on ball

bearings have provided smooth quiet

operation these slides also typically

have a lever release feature that allows

for easy drawer removal for side mount

slides just press down on the lever on

one side and up on the opposing lever to

disengage a mechanism and pull the

drawer out to return the drawer line up

the slides and push until you hear the

click indicating that the slide parts

have reengaged

with undermount slides open the drawer

and reach underneath the pressed levers

on the locking mechanisms then lift the

drawer off the slides to return the

drawer make sure the pins at the back of

the slides are set in the holes in the

back of the drawer and then push until

the locking device is click roller

slides are an economical alternative to

ball bearings they provide smooth

operation in a low profile but they

don't offer as many options in terms of

extension and weight rating drawers with

these slides can be removed by pulling

them all the way out and lifting up on

the front to return the drawer just fit

the rollers at the back into the cabinet

slide and glide it back in if you have

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our tech services department or visit

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