How to unlock Dragoon In Kirby Air Ride ! ( All 3 pieces )

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there's been a mini but I had got Kirby

air ride in the mail yesterday I've been

playing it up reliving my childhood and

I I think I just unlocked the drive home

so I'll show you guys how to get it

oh yeah hell yeah I got the

Dragoon alright let

me go ahead and say alright so this is

how you get the dragon codes for record

its checklist all right there goes right

I'm not dragging far as ABC ticklers

it's like in free rent oh hell yeah I

might enjoy that our first juggling

piece you get that by high jump jump

higher than a thousand feet so that's

one two little games you play after City

trial it's real slight you just got to

eat just adds up there's some glide and

weight and all that all right second

dragon home piece you got a uh what a

is that

alright so you got a an air glider fly

more than 1300 feet

I think I did that with the Jetstar or

the back ding Oh remember and then the

last one you just got to fly through the

rings and the sky five times or more and

it doesn't have to be five different

rings it just has to be five like five

times though that's what I was confused