FINALLY UNLOCKING DRAGONS! - How To Clash Ep.20 - "Clash of Clans"

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what's going on class pressure is rocky

here today it's a day we're back on the

how to clash townhall 7 account this

count Louie just went up to town 107 so

we have a ton of work if we go check out

the progress base we can see exactly how

much work we have to do and it's quite a

bit guys basically everything on the

base still needs upgraded one of the

most important upgrades in my opinions

as Army kamsa for any Town Hall level so

we got enough elixir I've been farming a

little bit we're gonna go ahead and get

that going just to start off the episode

and then what we want to do is with the

claimed games we actually we actually

got a dark elixir rune so we might be

able to get our king going up however we

need to get that dark elixir storage

going up so we can hold just a little

bit more in there so that's gonna be our

second upgrade for today's episode our

King can go to level two at twelve point

five thousand dark elixir so if we do

get there we can't upgrade him without

wasting any so those are two really

important upgrades we did upgrade our

spell factory to get our rage spell

unlocked so that could be moved over