HOW to Unlock PS4 Black Ops 4 Multiplayer!!

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hey what's up guys how's it going today

I got call of duty black ops 4 I've been

downloading the game which has been

finished already but as you're seeing

here when I try to wanna try to enter

multiplayer it's locked a new town here

it says that this place here is also

locked that has 49% installed and if I

go back to my playstation home screen

here and I go down as you're seeing here

I got ninety three gigabytes installed

into my system but let me click on this

as you see as you're seeing there it

went - it went from 49 to 50 percent

from here you have to let the whole

thing load up if you want to play

multiplayer let the whole thing install

and it should take around two to three

days depending on your internet on

Google it stays is gonna take around one

or two days to fully in stock so let's

just let the thing install I'm gonna try

it two ways here the first way is I'm

going to turn off on ps4 and see if the

50 percent goes to 51 and then above I'm

guessing I'm gonna have to let the ps4

go to sleep but it's in rest mode so

that it'll still be on and it could

hopefully download the rest of the the

files here so most likely I'm just going