What's up

YouTube it's- it's OddPeanut and y'all probably watching this because you're locked out or somewhere, right?

But hey, I'm here to help you. I got my knife and I got my door

I know I made this video before but people have many questions that I will be answering in this one

This is an updated version on how to unlock a door with a butter knife

Super easy. Alright, so

Let's say your locked out, right?

But you have access to a butter knife. Now one question. I got was does this work on the front door?

No, it doesn't work on the front door because the front door doesn't have this. This is what you need on the door

I mean the front door has it but it's too strong. You feel me? It needs to have this little

Push thing and an easy to slide in slot, let me focus it

You know

Because what you're doing really is you're sliding it through the slot and hitting that little push thing and when you push it open

It pops the door open like this. You know?

That's just basically what's happening so if you can somehow to get that with the front door then you're a genius

But you got two locks on the door

So I don't think that'll work and somebody asks if this will work on a car door

No, it won't work on a car door. And another question I had was is it gonna break the door?

No, it's not gonna break the door unless you do it wrong or too hard or something

I've never broke a door from doing it. I opened my door, my sister's door, my mom's door. Everybody's door

And so basically all you do

Slide it in there try to make it even so that way you get that little push thing

I was showing you guys know I'm saying just

Slide it in there

You got a wiggle it left and right basically like it might be a struggle. It's not gonna it's not gonna work the first time perfect

Insert make sure it's even

Do you feel me and then put it in there move around a little bit till you hit the little thing

You just got to put it in there

Move it around just like fidget with it till you press the little button. When you press the button it will just open up

It's that simple

And then you're in the room

And I know it might not it might be hard at first you might get frustrated

But you just gotta keep doing it if you want to get in that room

Keep moving left and right up and down til you hit the thing. You're gonna push it and the door it's gonna pop open

It's that simple

Thank you for watching

drop anymore questions