How to unlock a car door (without a key)

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locking your keys inside the car sucks in this video I'm going to unlock three

different vehicles using different methods and tools to help you figure out

what method works best for your car. First make sure you have proof it is

your car or whoever you're helping can prove it is their car. Check every door,

window, trunk or tailgate, and glass! You just might get lucky. Our first vehicle

has a vertical knob on top of the door panel and the most accessible tool

you're most likely to have on you is a shoelace or a string. Make sure it is

long enough to cover the window diagonally. Step number one - slide the

string in through the top corner of the door. Tip: now when you go to fit the

string in you might run into weather stripping and rubber molding that

doesn't let you get past it, so use a thin object to guide the string in over

the rubber molding. Step number two: once the string is inside move it to one side

of the window and make a slip knot

here's a better view of how to make one: basically it's like tying your shoe - you

pull on one side it tightens your knot you pull on the other side it tightens

your loop. Now pull the slip knot into the window area and try to fit it over

the knob

Here is a tip: if your loop is pointing away from the knob you can twist the string

and slide the twisted part into the window area and then pull back to make

the loop point in the right direction, like this! Once you put the loop over the

knob pull the string ends apart to tie the

knot and pull up and there we go the first car is unlocked

next tool we can use is a wire hanger or any long wire you can find very helpful

tool you can use it in many different applications unwind the hanger and

straighten it out leaving a hook on one end. Now let's take a closer look at our

knob - all it really is, is just a rod going down to the latching mechanism

so what I'm gonna do is let the hook down between the window and the

weatherstripping which I do recommend removing to get a

better visual of what's inside the door catch the rod or the part of the

latching mechanism it is attached to and pull up and the door is unlocked