How to Open a Bathroom or Bedroom Privacy Lock from the Outside

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hello this Gipp and what we have here is

a bathroom privacy lock very standard

most of you are familiar with it just

has a little locking mechanism there and

it locks the door and then you move it

this way and it becomes unlocked but

sometimes either because of an accident

or on purpose especially with kids these

get locked and you need to get in on me

from the front side and you just can't

do it well I'll show you how to kind of

get yourself into these doors without

destroying the door well as you can

clearly see there's two sides these

locks is the one with the locking

mechanism and then the opposite side has

just a handle and you see this little

hole here now this hole is how you get

into these locks when you can't get on

to the other side and what's behind this

little hole is it's pretty much a hollow