House door key won't turn!

all right guys this is Brian with able

locksmith I am just doing a quick little

video with some quick stats mark hey I'm

working for one of my rental property

managers and they've had an issue where

you know they've got a key and you know

what they'll do is I'll come in and

Reiki these places or in this case it

looks like maybe the owner had put on

some quick set smart key locks on these

doors mmm you know a lot you know the

quick-set smart key claims that you know

they can sell for key it's gonna save

them some time and money not having to

rekey locks in the future but I just

want to show an example of one of the

problems so you know the realtor or the

rental property manager a lot of times

they have their own duplicators so

they'll in in this one in particular I

know has a good quality HPC duplicator

now they'll take the original make a

copy and you know give originals to the

tenants and then they'll have the copy

that keeping their office for emergency

cases but when they got to this unit

their copy of the key you know it works

a doorknob smooth as butter but will not

work this deadbolt will be over here is

a storage unit same thing beautiful so

of course the suspicion is for lack of a

better word that you know maybe the

tenant had had their that bolts changed

well if you're a locksmith and you know

the magic touch for Kwikset smirky well

let's do this so what I did as I went

and cut a factory original you know with

my HPC machine you know a copy of a key

a lot of times is gonna have a slight

slight difference in this dead bolt

these dead bolts seem to be finicky

anyways but you can see

that a factory key is turning good

versus the the copy that's gonna be you

know every coffee machine is gonna cut

the cut you know a fraction of 30

seconds if of an inch deeper but of

course that shouldn't make the

difference in your standard locks that

won't make a difference but in some of

your smart keys it will the mechanism is

just - it's - in Christ too much

precision well and I say too much

meaning too much so there you have it

quick set smart keys you know they have

their benefits but they definitely have

their issues works that one great this

one still wants to be a little bit of a

problem so we'll take this one apart

because it could be - the other issue

would quick system or keys as they just

break and in this case it may be that

there it is and get it to turn maybe

that the mechanism is slipped out of

alignment because they work on a little

fine little geared teeth versus a pin

system so anything can knock that out

sometimes it's a lock just has a little

glitch and I've seen it where those

teeth break off and a pin drops and then

you just don't turn your lock again so

we'll take the Brian up taking this one

apart to see what's wrong with it

so that's it quick sips Marquis Brian

with a locksmith thank you