How to Pick Locks of Indoor Bedroom Bathroom with Paper Clips

before I get started showing how to pick

this lock show you the way to unlock it

the way that it was supposed to be

unlocked you got the key that came with

the door you're gonna have to put it in

straight and then kind of wiggle it

around just a little bit and I'll show

you that it's locked then turn up that's

the locking way unlock now inside the


there is imagine something round with a

slit in there which you have to fit the

key into and around it is dead space

that you can lose the key inside you

have to aim straight right in the middle

and you have to you kind of have to

rotate the key just so that it will

catch and then once it does catch push

it in and turn some more so if you found

yourself locked or someone else a lock

it inside of the door before trying to

make the key out of a paperclip look at

the top of the door lots of different

houses have keys up here the builders

put them up there I think it's a good

place to keep it jump over here and see

if there's one here as well I'm not here

on this side because it's locked from

this side let me check over here yep and

that makes more sense because this is

where it's this is the end that it would

be locked from let's say for a second

that you did not have a key and you want

to make one out of a paperclip well take

a small sized paperclip not a big sized

paperclip you're trying to get it

through the door now pull it out like so

and as a kid I used to bite this well

here just recently I kind of chipped my

tooth on that so I do not recommend that

even though I did put it in cloth and

all so get some needle nose pliers

you're going to squeeze the end

that's about good let me bend it up

again okay

alright that's about what it needs to

look like right there so let's put it

inside the door and give it a shot all

right got the doorknob and the paperclip

sticking it inside there you go all


view from the other side