How to Unlock Your Car Using a Coat Hanger

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so I locked my keys in my car last night

and I couldn't find my spare and I was

trying to figure out an easy way to get

into it without having to call locksmith


videos on YouTube about how to break

into a car using the coat hanger and I

figured since my car's kind of an older

90s car it should have been pretty easy

to get into it and sure enough only took

me a couple tries in less than like 30

seconds then I was into it

needless to say I'm probably gonna be

not keeping any valuables in it anymore

so be careful what you put in your

Festiva this is how easy you can break

into it

I'm just gonna set you guys up here so

you can see fiddling with it I don't

even know if you can see the oh there's

the lock right there so

all you got to do is take your coat

hanger unbend it from that straighten it

out and leave this little hook on the

end you'll slide that hook down into the

window tilt it in a little bit until you

might have to wiggle it around some and

pull up my weather stripping on my

passenger side was pushing against my

window pretty good and it was going to