How to Open a Door with a Credit Card If Your Locked Out Tutorial.

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hey hey what is shakin homies so today

I've got a really useful quick video for

you guys so I just locked myself out of

my house and thankfully I knew how to

break into my door using just a regular

credit card or gift card or your

driver's license really any any hard

card will work so thankfully I already

knew how to do this so this wasn't hard

but if I wouldn't have known how to do

this this could have been quite the

problem so this video is for all you

guys that have locked your keys in your

house and you need to get back into your

house without having to pay a locksmith

or anything this is very easy it will

only take you a couple seconds so go

grab a card let's lock my door and let's

practice okay so we are gonna be using

just my regular door in the front of my

apartment so here's my keys I'm gonna

leave them on the floor now a lot of

times you might accidentally lock

yourself out by maybe you have this one

turn and you don't know because you on

this I do you can turn it but not in the

system maybe you already had that turn

you ran outside really quick you closed

it and then it was locked on the outside

this this is only gonna work for this