Picked Open Using Bobby Pins Hair Clips MOUNTAIN Security 5Pin Deadbolt Lock

okay so let's revisit this mountain

security stainless steel five pin double

cylinder block and as it says here to

our deal for exterior doors a lot of

people a lot of folks have these on the

fitter to their front doors back doors

whatever let's take a look at picking it

open with nothing more than bobby pins

so I've got two bobby pins here just

opened one up and been bent the end

there to use as a tension wrench and

open the other one up and I just

flattened the end down and made it a

little little curvature shape to it just

beat it with a hammer for a couple of

seconds that's all there's a bidding on

the key just show you the lot works fine

because it does okay let's get picking

with our bobby pins just put the lever

in there

because the most awkward thing is trying

to get the camera away you see it okay

and using the other bobby pin I'm just

gonna push the pins up so there's no

specific order you don't have to be

doing anything too clever with it all

right and there just a bit of raking see

see what happens because when the camera

is on it always seems to take a lot

longer I've obviously opened this a few

times like this and one such Wiese it's

almost just full and open beating see oh

I'm holding onto the board and there we

go trying to rake at the same time

alright so there you go that's it open

so if you want don't lock on your

exterior house doll that you can open

with bobby pins look no further this is

the one for you alright thanks very much

for watching catch you later guys