How to use a Bobby Pin to unlock a door STEP-BY-STEP

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I know today's YouTube video is how to

use a bobby pin to open the door I bet

most of you guys already know this but

for the guys that do not know this order

first I am going to be teaching you

today let's get to it

Thor we get started you're only gonna

need two things a bobby pin and a door

that is all you are going to need for

this tutorial so with the door you're

gonna need a door with like a little

hole right today you can insert it in so

I'm not just dropping the bobby pin but

that's all you're gonna need so let's

get another angle of the lock and three

two okay guys so here is the angle of

the door right now it's unlocked so I'm

gonna lock it right here and I'm gonna

change the angle so you can see both

sides so guys I could no I cannot

unfortunately find the angle that has

both sides for you this side and the

lock side well as you can see it is

locked but so here so you want to take

your bobby pin the flats this flat side

you want it to be down like pointing to

the ground

and you want to take the rounded part

and you don't want to clear right here

and you an order like this so you gonna