unlock a door with an Allen wrench in seconds

use the dirty no door I know a lot of

people need or get locked out of their

houses or doors and stuff like that so

instead of going through the trouble of

a credit card and stuff and the door the

slighty piece right here how it's

backwards you see how that is okay well

I know it's hard to get home because you

got a angle it so I just found a way in

I haven't seen any videos on this so far

you just need an Allen wrench make sure

it's the right size to fit in here like

so you want to hook it in make sure it's

hooked on the doorknob and just pull

I'll do it again

and prove that I'm not opening the door

or somebody's on the other side so

nobody's on the other side they're all

in their room excuse the dirty mess

alright so con wrench stick it in

see how it's hooked on to there and then

you just want to pull without it getting

caught into the other piece no buts