How to open a stuck washing machine door

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In this video we'll be showing you how to open a washing machine door that's stuck.

Important before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure

that the appliance is first disconnected from the mains.

Washing machine doors often won't open due to a broken handle.

Occasionally it could also be due to a jammed lock.

Check of the handle is loose

as this will indicate it's broken and use the following methods to try and

open the door manually some methods may not be applicable to all machines.

if the handle is stiff it may indicate a jammed lock many machines use thermal door

locks that open after two minutes when the machine finishes.

Disconnect the power and wait several minutes before retrying.

If the door is still stuck strike the area firmly where the catch is as this may help to release the lock

Once open if the problem reoccurs suspect the lock.

If the door handle is loose and does not move the catch it may be possible to use nylon trimming line

or even an old credit card take a length of grass trimmer line or strong nylon

cord and pass it around the door frame by pulling the line to the other side of

the door it should move the hook releasing the door.

Alternatively push a credit card under the rim to locate the lever when this is

pushed it should move the hook and release the door note on some machines

the card may catch the door locks around and not move the catch.