How to Open a Bathroom or Bedroom Privacy Lock from the Outside

hello this Gipp and what we have here is

a bathroom privacy lock very standard

most of you are familiar with it just

has a little locking mechanism there and

it locks the door and then you move it

this way and it becomes unlocked but

sometimes either because of an accident

or on purpose especially with kids these

get locked and you need to get in on me

from the front side and you just can't

do it well I'll show you how to kind of

get yourself into these doors without

destroying the door well as you can

clearly see there's two sides these

locks is the one with the locking

mechanism and then the opposite side has

just a handle and you see this little

hole here now this hole is how you get

into these locks when you can't get on

to the other side and what's behind this

little hole is it's pretty much a hollow

little area but there's this little bar

that comes up which has a groove in it I

don't think you could see it through

here but that grew if you can stick

something in there like a really small

screwdriver and twist it it will open up

the other side now the trick is to find

a screwdriver small enough to do the

trick now here's one of my smaller

screwdrivers here kind of has a bad end

but it's kind of like one of the

standard and this doesn't quite make it

the head makes it but the wider end

doesn't make it through so that's the

trick is finding a small enough

screwdriver or making something that can

get in there with a flat end to turn

that lock open now I am fortunate to

have a even smaller screwdriver here's a

very small head this is like or maybe

glasses those those screwdrivers that

come with your glass or pair kits I can

get in here but this one actually does

fit in but unfortunately the wider base

does not so let me just slip this off

and kind of slip just the head portion

and just go straight back and kind of

feel your way

so as you do this you'll notice it's not

the easiest thing you go a little you

kind of tilt it one way it doesn't go in

properly you kind of have to go very

just straight on in and then kind of

wiggle it in until you find a groove and

there I think I found the groove and

then and then you could twist it in this

case I'm not actually used stick this in

a little bit farther so I could twist it

and you can see from the opposite end it

goes in and out so let's test this out

and see if we can get in this door so

I'm going ahead and lock this door so we

can't get in here it's locked and so I'm

hopeful I can't get in so I'm going to

stick this little screw in tin feel what

round stick that in and twist it there

we go oh I do if I'm in and there you go

it opened up so again the key is to find

something small enough they could stick

in there or making something that works

again a glass repair kit screwdriver

would work pretty well just as kind of a

an extra a lot of these come in with a

little Groot piece here that if you have

a screwdriver you could just move it and

it's it's more visible but most are just

like this has a little hole and you have

to slip something in so there you have

it if you ever get locked out of your

bathroom or bedroom that's how you get

in see you next time