PSA: First-try "lockpicking" a common door handle in under 5 seconds

hello Internet CJ here so thanks to the

wonders of the YouTube algorithm and my

particular interests I've come across a

video or a talk by a rather interesting

gentleman by the name of with the

interesting name of deviant aalam he's a

physical penetration tester companies

pay him to basically break into their

buildings this is the gentleman here

break into their building still a bunch

of stuff write a report about how he did

it so that they can improve security and

presumably reprimand the people involved

as well perhaps in some cases but anyway

very interesting video and it got me

thinking about this so what follows is a

bit of a public service announcement

basically because so I'm here in my

bedroom and the point of this video for

whatever reason my my bedroom door has

this very common style of a lockable

lever style handle sit on it okay key

way on the outside thumb turn on the

inside there and it's a dead latch I'll

explain that in a second the point of

this is that by watching one 40-minute

youtube video I was able to get using a

technique learn in that video I was able

to get this look this very very very

common style of lockable handle set open

in about five seconds using a technique

I've never tried before with it with a

piece of plastic like just any I'll show

you I'll show you how it works but it

just scared me and I thought wow this is

amazing I should probably tell people

about this especially you know because

just this is so common so basically as I

say it's a dead latch system so old

locks so here's the here's the lock tank

right this gets called the tank the

metal bit that goes into this what's

called the strike plate on the door

frame okay that's the strike plate there

the old locks

you'd probably you just had the tank

right like that okay and you lock the

door and then the tank wouldn't move

except most of those older style locks

like this handle sits like this when the

Tang was engaged in the strike plate you

could still it would still move

and so you could shim the door you could

slide something in and push that Tang in

and get the door open the idea of a dead

latch is it's got this little bit on the

back this is called the dead latch

plunger and when that's pushed in so you

see if you push the whole thing in like

this as you would win that when the door

is closed and hits the strike plate the

whole thing moves like that once it's

engaged that dead latch plunger is

supposed to be pushed in and if that's

held in the latch Tang won't move so it

can't be shimmed

that's why it's called the dead latch

the latch is now dead it can't be it

can't be manipulated from the outside

that's how this is supposed to work the

problem with these is that most of them

or an awful lot of them as pointed out

by deviant an awful lot of them are

installed incorrectly to the point where

this dead latch plunger doesn't get held

in when the doors closed and so you can

you can still shim it and I'll

demonstrate that right now okay

so I'm outside my bedroom in front of

the door the the hand the door is locked

okay I locked it with the thumb turn on

the inside you could lock it with the


all the thumb turn doesn't make any

difference it's doing the same thing

what that's doing is locking the handle

preventing the handle from turning it's

not doing anything to the actual locked

a inside because if the lock was locking

the lock Tang you wouldn't be able to

lock the door with the key or the thumb

turn while it was open and then pulled

the door shut and have it locked behind

you right so all that's all this is

doing is locking preventing the handle

from turning it's doing nothing to the

lock pane itself that's supposed to be

held in place by that little dead latch

plunger that I showed you before right

that's the poke that's what's supposed

to prevent the latch be manipulated from

the outside but in fact their box

plunger isn't being held in place

properly being retracted I can take the

cover of a notebook

like this doors open how long was that

three seconds four seconds unbelievable

so I'll show you why that works so

basically as I said before that

deadlocked plunger has to be engaged in

order to prevent the lakhtin from being

retracted what's happening here is that

the strike plate was installed too far

away from the doorframe

so if I pull the door shut see that

little play there basically when I pull

it pull the door shot the strike plates

too far away from the did been installed

too far away from the door frames so the

door swings too far forward and the

whole lock Tang including the dead latch

plunger goes in and now I've just locked

myself out and left no plastic bit

inside Tommy go find another bit of

plastic haha kidding of course I'm not

dumb enough to lock myself out of my own

room without my keys on me cuz I'm not

this guy I'm not an expert lock picker

but you know here we go here's a thumb

turn flipper that you can slide under a

frameless you know those double

frameless glass doors you see on the

front of office buildings and they have

little latches down at the bottom and

the double doors and you just slide this

underneath and twiddle it and there's so

many ways these lever style handles you

know under the door over the door

there's around the side of the door

there's so many ways to get them open if

you're somebody who is concerned about

your residential security or is involved

in you know securing a commercial

building for a job or whatever whatever

it is you do if that's part of your

mandate you really should have a look at

this video it's fascinating stuff all

there's a link in the description down

below have your day Cheers