Bosch Washing Machine Door Stuck and How to Open it

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Hello everybody it's 'Lurgs' here welcome to my channel and today how to open a stuck

door on your Bosch washing machine, so if your door is stuck and you cannot get it

open there's a couple of different options

available to you, right let's get cracking. Before you get started make sure that

the child lock isn't on check out the link above now. Now this model is the

Bosch 'VarioPerfect Serie 4' but it should also be the same on Siemens

washing machines because they are the same company, now if the door is stuck on

your Bosch or Siemens washing machine then this could be because there's been a

power cut or maybe it's got a fault, now the first thing you need to do is

switch off the power at the plug, now in most cases turning off the power at the

switch will actually release the door and then you can open the door, but if

not you can try the second method, now before we try the second method there is

a link above now about how to remove the dispenser drawer on your Bosch washing

machine you can give it a good old clean, now what you do is you go down to

the bottom of the washing machine on the right hand side you've got this small

flap here, so just push that little divot in and then pull the flap out and what

you've got here is you've got an emergency release cord, so just take a

flat bladed screwdriver and then what you do is you place it into the hole

there, and you just pull it downwards and then you should hear the door release, I

just heard the door release there and now we should be able to open the door,

fabulous, whilst I have a nice cup of tea there's a link above now about E18 error

code which is basically a blocked pump filter i'll show you how to remove that,

give it a good clean and put it all back. If that still doesn't work you can try

some wire or some string and try and get that in between the seal on the door and

try and release the door mechanism, that way if that still doesn't work then you

can get brutal with it and use a large flat bladed screwdriver and literally

prise the door open, but I wouldn't recommend that, maybe it's time to call

out a washing machine engineer! If you found that video

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