LEGO DC Super Villains Doomsday Boss Battle Unlock + Free Roam Gameplay

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what's happening in every one J shop

last here and we are on apocalypse and

this is the arena this is I think

stompers arena maybe you do it in the

the story and there are some Goldberg

quests that you do right here and once

you have the gold bricks it unlocks this

boss battle with this is this a bad time


so I figured it was only appropriate to

fight doomsday with Superman

chuckling we I've always been and I will

always be here embarrassing

I think it's just post-war interfere

Tamara Superman we're in Vegas you can't

get rid of me


there we go alright so it's easy enough

for I feel like

this is what we're gonna whoops I think

this is what we're gonna need to do to

unlock Rossum and as a boy so 250,000 a

big thing look at she see billboards

about him all over metropolis


people's oh boy


so here's your traditional big thing

we've seen doomsday before so it was

definitely cool to see him looking a