Help Desk Tier1 Active Directory User Account Unlock and reset password

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hello my friends my name is urban also

known as : in today's video I wanted to

talk about Active Directory user

accounts and also touch on call handling

the reason we're going to tackle Active

Directory user accounts is because we're

going to have a situational phone call

in which we will have to look up user

account reset their password or maybe

even unlock their account this is kind

of tying in with my previous video on

how to handle a helpdesk tier 1 phone

call and if you'd like to check that out

there will be a link in the description

and also linked in the top right hand

corner as well so let's go ahead and

look at what happened during this phone

call and then we're going to stop it in

real time and then I'm going to show you

what happens on the back end so meaning

that what is going on with the person

working helpdesk while they're talking

to the user thank you for calling tech

support my name is Irvin what can I

assist you with today

hi I for some reason I can't login to

Outlook Outlook keeps asking me for a

password I don't know why I I'm not sure

what's going on sure does it does it

give you an issue whenever you try to