how to unlock domain on godaddy

hello friends in this video i gonna show

you how to

unlock your domain in godaddy

so friends if you want to transfer your


from godaddy to any another platform

so firstly open any web browser

now sign in your account with godaddy

now click this drop down

and click on my product

and now click on manage

scroll down and in the very last you

will find

option domain

lock so if you want to unlock

click on edit locking prevents


changes including transfer to another

registrar so if you are sure

and want to unlock so click on edit

now if you want to

unlock so slide to opposition

so you will see requested update in


it will take some time to

effect mostly it will take 5 to 10


as we can see in 2 minute domain is

now unlock in my case so this is friends

by this easy and very simple method we

can know

how to unlock any

domain in coded thanks for watching this


please comment this video useful for you

or not