How to turn off Domain Lock on Godaddy || Unlock Domain

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hi friends in this video I am going to

show you how to unlock domain on GoDaddy

go to go daddy.com and login to your

GoDaddy account using the username and

password at the top right you can see

you a profile icon and your name you

need to click on that and from that you

need to select my products and it will

show the list of domains you have you

need to select the domain which you

would like to unlock I am going to

select my domain coupons from calm and

you need to click on manage you need to

scroll down at the bottom you have

option called additional settings under

that you can see that walking privates

unauthorized changes including transfer

to another registrar you can see that

currently my domain lock is on you need

to click on edit and you have to just

change this problem when you scroll down

again you can see that domain lock off

now we can transfer your domain from one

register to another register that's it

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