How to Transfer a Domain Name From One Registrar to Another EASY!

domain-name transfers how do you move a

domain name from one register to another

register that's we're talking about in

this video what's up everybody my name

is David website Craig procom so let's

get to it

now moving a domain name is a simple and

easy process in this video we're going

to be basically moving a domain name

from GoDaddy

over to Namecheap but the process is the

same regardless of domain name

registrars so say if you have your

domain names at Google domain names and

you want to move over to Dinah dot or

you have your domain names that Bluehost

and you want move over to Namecheap the

process is basically the same so step

one is to go to your current domain name

registrar and then go into where you can

manage the domain name itself in what

you specifically want to do is you want

to find where the status is and change

it to unlocked ok so your domain name is

going to have a status of locked and

that means it's not able to be

transferred just change the status to

unlock and then you're able to move the

domain name to a new domain name

registrar so that's step one step two is

basically you need to get the

verification code at your current domain

name registrar you literally just need

to find where it says verification code

or something along the lines of that and

you're going to get a long string of

numbers and letters and that basically

proves ownership over the domain name

and that's basically it that's all you

really need from your current domain

name register you need to unlock it and

you need to get this verification code

next is then you want to go to where you

want to move the domain name so if you

want to move over to like Namecheap for

example you want to go to namecheap.com

you want to click on where it says

transfer domain names to us and then

there you just put in your domain name

that you want to move over and a

Namecheap will check the status of the

domain name so what that means it'll

tell you if it's the mate if the domain

name is locked or unlocked now if you

just change the status at GoDaddy it

does take a little bit of time for that

to propagate usually like 10 or 15

minutes so don't expect it to be like

right away so you may go to Namecheap

and to make be coming up that hey this

domain name is locked just give it a

little bit of time and next you have to

put in the verification code and then

you just submit your payment and you

should and that's it and you're good to

go now also that you have to just one

caveat you have to make

that the main name is eligible to be

transferred so what that means like if

you just registered a domain name

somewhere you're not able to move it to

a new domain name registrar within the

first 60 days and you're also not able

to transfer a domain name if it's within

45 days of its renewal dates I only

bring that out because people often are

have their domain names like GoDaddy or

Bluehost and then they're shocked like

what 18 $19 to like renew my domain name

like okay I'm moving over to like Google

domain names or Namecheap and well you

gotta like make sure it's not within the

45 days so if this is something that you

want to do make sure that you only has

enough time on the domain name all right

so if you need a little bit more of a

guided walk through let's come into my

laptop and begin welcome to my laptop

let's begin so this is GoDaddy and this

is Namecheap so to just begin like a

domain name transfer process super duper

simple so like if you had say you have

your de meanings that GoDaddy all you

want to do is log in to your account so

for example I have edge of David calm at

GoDaddy and I'm actually currently

moving this over to Namecheap and so to

the process of moving this domain name

it's you just want to go over here and

you want to click on the button that

says manage and then once you click on

manage it'll open up the domain name

settings and at the bottom right down

here is where you say domain name lock

on or off and so you just want to click

the edit button to turn the domain name

lock button off okay so it's gonna say

on just click Edit and select off okay

and then you want to click here where it

says get authorization code and then

when you go over to Namecheap you just

go to transfer to us transfer domains

and so since edge of David's already

under the transfer process I'll just put

in a different example so we'll just -

will type in super-awesome com okay

which super awesome calm and then you

just click enter and then it'll begin

the process so it'll say congratulations

your domain is eligible for transfer

that means it's within the 60 days of

registration period or it's without

outside the 45 days renewal period okay

so that's the first one but then you'll

see right down here that the domain aim

is locked so

that's why you have to go in and unlock

the domain name as appropriate and so

again as I said in the introduction it

usually takes like 10-15 minutes for

this to start coming up as unlocked and

then what's unlocked then you just put

in the authorization code there and you

get the authorization code right here

with GoDaddy with each domain name

registrar it's a little different and

then you just copy and paste the code in

and then it costs 8.8 something dollars

Add to Cart pay your fee and then that's

it and then the domain name will be

transferred from GoDaddy to Namecheap

again as I said it takes three to seven

business days depending on the register

because GoDaddy then has to release

their main name to Namecheap so it's not

an automatic process but it's really

that simple that's all you have to do to

transfer a domain name from one register

to another in a nutshell alright guys

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