Nintendogs + Cats 3DS Video Review

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when it comes to cute puppy games

Nintendogs is no pun intended top dog

the games formula made it one of the

most successful video games ever which

is probably why Nintendo chose to not

change much of anything for the 3ds

version but that's also the reason why

repeat gamers may be disappointed

Nintendogs can be summed up with do all

look at the puppy he's wearing a hat the

cute factor is its entire selling point

the dogs are downright adorable and act

much like real puppies would you can

even notice the difference is in

animations and personalities among the

breeds there's no story here no plot to

unfold just you and your pets having

some casual frisbee contests and rubbing

bellies it all definitely looks great

the puppies and kittens can be dressed

up in a variety of clothing and have a

plethora of toys to play with everything

is easy to navigate and the game keeps

it simple

perfect for younger gamers the 3d is

subtle in Nintendogs

it gives a sense of depth to the room

and to parks so that when your dog runs

out into the distance to catch a frisbee

he actually looks like he's far away you