How to Free a Locked Steering Wheel

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all cars in existence right now have a

steering wheel lock to wear when you

turn the key off and pull it out of the

ignition it's actually a mechanical

system has a nice big steel bolt it's a

square shaped bolt of metal that

actually spring-loaded pops out and

engages a linkage to lock the steering

wheel to where once you've turned it a

certain distance it cannot be turned any

farther so if you're parking your car in

the neighborhood where you're a little

nervous that somebody may try to steal

it or you know you want to make sure the

tow truck can't get it turn your wheel

all the way to one side shut the key off

and take it out and turn the wheel back

till it locks and now those wheels will

stay in that turn position they cannot

be moved because there's so much spring

tension on that steering wheel you've

got to get the key in the ignition and

then pull the wheel in the opposite

direction to kind of loosen it a little

bit and turn the key but it's just that

spring tension causes a binding on that

steel bolt someone goes to get out of

the car and they reach up and put their

hand on the wheel to kind of push

themselves as they turn and slide their

feet out of the car and unknowingly

their hand kind of turns the wheel

pushes it all the way over into that

lock position but it's also dragging it

against the tires because you don't have

the engine running so when it kind of

puts that extra pressure on it the

wheels trying to move back to the other

direction and it can't because it's

locked up so basically all you need to

do is put the key in ignition and gently

turn the key you don't want to force the

key because you definitely don't want to

break that and then just wiggle the

steering wheel to each direction you'll

feel one will have a little free play

and the other direction will be against

the lock so just give it a little bit of

a twist while you're turning that key

gently and it'll release that steering

wheel you'll actually hear a little

click because that bolt will move back

out out of the way