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what's up youtubers Robert get you to it

on a budget today video is basically how

easy is to break into a Dodge Charger

yes a Dodge Charger just started from

2010 and up okay you can see I got both

of my cheese right here placing those on

the car and I'm only making this video

to basically show y'all how easy it is

I'm gonna take my ride off so I'm going

to just do it just to show y'all but

this is all I'm gonna use to actually

break into the car

fitness up the tripod and just watch

alright guys get a Keys gonna lock the

door you're gonna do it right here


keys I'm put them directly on the floor

and I'm going to use this flat head


then a screwdriver that's all you need

look how easy that was to break into the

damn toaster super easy all it took was

a flathead screwdriver to actually break

it to the car

Dodge Chargers are nice cars but it's

just way too easy to break into from my

opinion I have friends that has earlier

models like 13 12 and it's the same lock

system so basically it's just a rod

right here where you lift up and it just