LEGO Dimensions - How To Unlock Each Incarnation Of The Doctor

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what's going on everybody its game

unboxing reviews here and welcome back

to another lego dimensions video so

today is a tutorial video yes I'm gonna

show you how to unlock each incarnation

of the doctor in lower dimensions and

this is actually my first time doing

this as well so if I freaked out when I

play certain doctors I do apologize but

I'm so excited so anyway before I start

this video I just like to give a huge

shout out to PAC attack zero four zero

eight to my good friend PAC attack is so

awesome and he told me how to do this

because I know some people might be a

bit confused on how to unlock some of

the different doctors so I wanted a

short tutorial so big shout out to him

so without further ado let's get to it

alright so basically it's pretty simple

to what what you have to do to unlock

different doctors is like so if I jump

off here I went to this bright pie shop

used to be a barber's you know okay if I

go um basically what you have to do is

you just have to kill yourself that's

all you have to do so kill the doctor so

just jump off here like so he'll die and

then hopefully he regenerates so now we

are William Hartnell we are the first