Lego Marvel Avengers - How to Unlock Doctor Strange (Dr Strange)

I'm flying even though I'm not really a

more hovering I think I is a pet here

and today we're going to show you how to

unlock doctor strains inside of Lego

Marvel's Avengers so first off you need

to beat the game or at least have open

world the way you can run around

Manhattan so once you have that come to

the the bottom left part of central park

is right there and then if you see you

can see dr. strings right here and we're

going to go ahead and drop down there

and I'll play with jewel a KA Jessica

Jones old-school style and she's at that


don't worry so not anything too taxing

just a little brain surgery all right so

let's go talk to him

you may not know this but the great

sorcerer supreme was once a mere

neurosurgeon until an accident robbed me

of the full use of my hands and I was

reduced to performing back-alley

operations to get by

however the brain is not something you

want to be tinkering with without a

steady hand and some of my patients from

that time were left slightly mentally

defragmented the sorcerer supreme has

the ability to heal them I just need a

little help finding them the patients I

mentioned all have a fairly obvious tell

quite simply they all think they're farm

animals keep your ears open and I'm sure

you'll be able to track them down all

right so let's go ahead and go and seek

out these alleged a farm animal or

people it's like there's one over here

where if he's up here nope okay down

here boink boink boink okay so this I'll

talk to him and I guess it's in him that

way I'll have to pick him up or anything

like that that's nice so let's go to the

second one looks like he's right around

here or she I think this is she I don't

know what is this the donkey all right

so let's go to the third one and this

one is where is it

well I heard the car uh ma'am you're in

the sidewalk oh this one lets you know

are you the chicken I'd been looking for

right burn alive people okay alright

let's give this one first this looks

like there's a glitch over there alright

here we go

it's cow over here and I guess the last

one hopefully right over here that's

there this I see you chicken a patient

areas you better have a fairly obvious

tell quite simply they all think they're

farm animals keep your ears open yes

this is all of them I must thank you

finally I can right this wrong committed

in my darkest hour or at the very least

dress them up and open up some kind of

petting zoo I'd rather think there could

be some serious money in it what do you

think don't worry I wouldn't dream of

leaving you out of the profits I just of

course about the petting zoo I mean yes

even I am not that strange

all right so now we can unlock Doctor

Strange which is over here and it should

cost four hundred and fifty thousand

studs there which if you use all these

studs together not that big a deal I

mean because I've got like six billion

or whatever alright so let's go ahead

and see if he flies yes he does

I fly and I have stars going out of my


that's rather awesome how many shoot

stars to all this awesome then it really

awesome alright so let's do this see me

does the super take off it doesn't do it

okay let's see I can shoot magic

lightning for my hands it all down B

which is awesome and then I can just

like throw magic like this magic stars

pretty awesome I'm sure there's an

actual word for it if y'all know let me

know in the comments cuz I haven't seen

the movie in order to read the comic

book but he kind of floats even like

look at this this school and then he

doesn't do the same for take off

unfortunately that's my favorite thing

in the world so yeah so that's pretty uh

that's pretty much it for Doctor Strange

guys make sure you smash that like

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and let me know in the comments if you

need help finally somebody from this

game or any other lego game thanks for

watching guys y'all be good and I'll

talk to you later