Unlock Quick and easy xbox one achievements in Dead or Alive 6 core fighters FOR FREE!!!

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hello all and welcome to this

achievement video in which I'm going to

be showing you how to get a bunch of

achievements in dead or alive six core

edition real quick now the best thing

about this is that this game is free to

download in the Xbox Live Store that's

right free no money at all it means you

can only pick three of the fighters

instead of the full roster but however

all of the achievements are available to

earn a lot and that is what I'm going to

be doing there for you I'll be showing

you how many we can unlock in as little

time as possible ok so let's get

cracking on the first one we are going

to do is we are going to go into fights

and we're going to go into vs. mode just

pick player 1 and then what you want to

do here is put the health down to small

to make it real quick

rounds to 1 to make that real quick and

cob level to make that real quick

character select doesn't really matter

it's going to be real easy so just tap a

through everything make your character

and your opponent and just tap a big

random so when the fight starts you

should unlock 2 achievements 1 for

fighting the comp in versus mode and