RELEASING DMT: How To Release Psychedelic Substance In Your Brain | Wim Hof On London Real

oh absolutely you got a lower and a

higher consciousness they call I say you

have you have a car what is

consciousness it's perception

consciousness is awareness perception

now perception is neurology the more

neurological pathways are developed

within your own brain the more control

you are to see more that is logical and

that is the purpose of our life some do

it by making a beautiful chair some do

it by learning many languages some do it

through making podcasts possible some do

it by serving other others with coffee

and tea it does not matter whatever it

takes to expand your own consciousness

to bring it to from a lower

consciousness animalistic to this brain

the human brain consciousness that is

connection and done inside the brain and

now we found once here it's no pill yeah

it's no drug it's you yourself by the

way we say get high on your own supply

and get into this breathing in the

beginning of this podcast and you said

yeah I did this breathing and there is

DMT da yeah even we are able through

display Matic manipulated exercises

through the breath and pressurizing as a

to get into the deepest part of the

brain which also is activated during the

REM sleep the deep sleep that's the DMT

the DMT and it's to release trauma and

so too bloody nice it's like a a drug

and we are able to activate that but so

what I say is we are able to do to

become more than the normal with super

super human means we are actually born

to be great to feel great

not in the eyes maybe of others but once

you feel great

you radiate greatness you radiate like

love it's like sanity and people are

positively affected this is going to

change the world and once again it's no

religion but divine and that's who we

are and that is only done by setting the

mind but first make the right conditions

that is the chemistry should be right

and the transportation of the chemistry

throughout the body to all the cells to

the DNA should be done and that's that's

where I am right now right with the new

study on the D and N