LEGO: Marvel Superheroes - Super Pack DLC Character Pack - Xbox One

hello guys my name is Sam and today I'm

showing you the characters au gear and

the super pack for Lego Marvel Super

Heroes on the Xbox one now I do know

that let's pack was a months ago and for

previous generation consoles and those

probably thousands of videos on the

internet but I just got it today on the

next-gen and the reason I'm doing if I

do is because I love Lego games and I

love playing them I'm making videos for

them and when I bought a Lego Marvel

Super Heroes for the Xbox when I go a

code or board should I say sorry and for

the super pack to download but even

though I got the code I still had to

wait until the official release date in

order to actually download it so that

came to piss me off a little bit so I

thought you know what I don't care for

thousands of videos out there I am

making my video because I want to make

it yes but yes without further ado let's

jump straight into this torpedo pack and

I don't quite have all the characters

yang oh girl so close but you jump into

the first one and we'll start off with

the first character that I am not 100%

sure about that is a born that is over

eagle or well wreck dunes

local rep Jones he's just a basic guy

punch dr. doom but he if you hold my

just like Hulk and we talk and other big

characters a transform he actually

transforms into the Hulk so it saves you

from having to Lee good to character

select and you know sort of like pick a

bomb or wreck Jones and whatnot he has

the slap effect and the slab power and

whatnot you know what's gonna kill and

he can pick up big bets sort of very

similar to the Hulk and abomination and

what not a very cool very cool indeed

and in the next bag figure on the West s

Thanos Thanos however you pronounce him

is a mixture I don't know how you

pronounce him but again here's another

bad character he's pretty damn awesome

he does he sort of same thing but if

apparently can't pick up that there we

go pecs of that can through it does that

which is awesome I didn't know

at that

that's pretty damn key ok if no let me

go then that's pretty cool I like him he

does not have the Infinity Gauntlet

because that would be a little bit over

pebbled even an Allegra game but he's

still pretty cool nonetheless

Kara now look at that that's

sweet check out anyway next on the list


better rebill spread cure from the Thor

comics and what has harm our code as it

storm god I can't remember what his name

is gear this hammer is cold but it's

pretty damn cool it's a little bit

different from Thor's Stormbreaker

create me in the comments if I'm wrong

and pretty sure that something along

those lines I can't remember off the top

of my head but he has very similar

pearls to him to Thor he has a lightning

he can fly he can throw his hammer about

which is great you know it's just he's a

pretty or own Thor character he's pretty

cool fan favorite shall we see and so

yeah next up on the list as Dark Phoenix

no this is Jean Grey Phoenix if you go

from the x-men and and if you see now

the what it's not horrible but the worst

of the x-men movies x-men last and this

is the character when Gene Kelly goes a

bit crazy she goes a lot of what harm

she kills a lot of people it's you know

it's a straight or she's pret killed

though she flies about she's got hot

phoenix wings and yeah I'm pretty happy

without us that's pretty awesome next on

the list is Falcon now again that Falcon

has a character that I'm not 100% sure

on in terms of like reading his comics

and whatnot to be honest the only real

thing I know about Falcon as like he's

Captain America's friend he appears in

the comics and he'll be in Avengers 2 in

2015 but it's pretty cool it's pretty

damn awesome indeed yeah I like him just

a general all-around or character can

fly he's pretty cute yeah he's breaking

oh look at that again go see you later

dr. doom ha yeah he's pretty cute and

next up on the list is Hawkeye but in

his classic comic book costume which is

pretty awesome and to be honest I don't

think there should have been a DLC

character and I think that should have

been our ultimate um question for

Hawkeye and I don't think we should have

had to wait until DLC you know the sort

of like skin for Hawkeye as play at the

moment the default 1s from the movie and

which is cured or get me wrong but the

classic one is pretty damn awesome as oh

look at that

okay if I if I'll stay on us at one time

that's awesome and second-last as

spider-man in assembly at forum no

that's this is one of the main

characters I was looking forward to

probably joint Faust with the last

carrot allow a boat to show you but

again he's just get the same pebbles of

spider one

and except he has this MBA so I am

costume on it's pretty damn awesome and

again from the least popular or

successful movie from the original

franchise spider-man 3 if you've seen

her and that as well as costume comes

from spray damn cool though elegant

ellicott I think it's cute and the most

anticipated character that I had from

this pack was the Winter Soldier Bucky

Barnes he is the man look here also me

as look at this

Goldie's fatale look at his metal arm

and everything he is he's just fantastic

like look like a killers yeah I think

that Doctor Doom you got nothing on us

look look how cool when a soldier does

that and symbiote spider-man are

probably my favorite characters from

this pack and but it wasn't just

character she got you also got two

additional vehicles I am sure and I will

show you these vehicles now yes we are

back and I'm going to show you the two

vehicles that you get a nice super pack

a zero you get one sort of ATO vehicle

and one land vehicle we will start off

like the idiom vehicle you get Hawk eyes

and sky so cool I believe is killed

pretty awesome where is it and there we

go Hawk eggs sky psycho

now it's only fitting that we go OK for

us I think yeah it's pretty fitting

look if like a silly it looks good looks

so silly

okay um excuse me better evil you're not

wanted here

haha look a wheel does God is really


oz really wheels oh good and I'll take

his Neph tear it down you here we get

and the Zoe fighting me because

spider-man for this we get Spider Man

Spider buggy which again is pretty damn

cool can have a little bit of a noisy

here and a second once it loads up but

over here Spider buggy there we go oh

yeah look at that look at the paint job

on now looks a little bit like a cross

between here Bay and Thomas the Tank

Engine if spider-man had just had a baby

with all of them

look at that oh yeah like a bike 2 by 4

we don't know why spider-man actually

needs a buggy or why these superheroes

actually need

or jets in any way shape or form but

they have them and on that note I'm

going to end this video here so I hope

you have enjoyed gays I can see I know

there's been thousands of ideals

hundreds of thousands on that part that

you've probably already seen but I

thought you know what I hope you enjoyed

my video a little bit more and I'm

getting what I paid for what I was

cheated out of months ago when I bought

this game I got the code but yes guys on

that note my name has been Sam I hope

you have enjoyed if you have this back

let me know in the comments which of the

characters is your favorite again means

as a joint between symbiote spider-man

and the Winter Soldier as we go let me

know the comments um yeah so like I said

my name has been Sam I hope you have

enjoyed and I hope to see you later good