How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go - How-To Guide and Tips


so you wanna catch a Ditto

unfortunately that's no easy task

because ditto is a bit of a wild card in

Pokemon go with a little fella

constantly being disguised but it's not

an impossible task and the good news is

that this little explainer will help you

on your journey to catching the demo for

the most part you'll probably be after a

do for some of the Pokemon go special

missions that require players to catch

it as it then leads to special catches

like me you and Celebi the little slimy

bugger can also be pretty useful for gym

battles if it has a high CP and stats

but we'll chat more about that later on

now catching a Ditto is just a super

random process and you'll quickly find

yourself becoming frustrated at the task

dito can shape-shift and take on the

guise of a variety of other pokemon in

the wild which changes semi-regularly

but this tends to usually be just common

creatures such as PG Ratatat Zuba etc

sadly there's no clear and defined way

to tell when a Pokemon is actually

secretly a doe but a cheeky tip to

remember is that ditto is generally

harder to catch than the Pokemon it

hides as if you find yourself trying to

catch something like a Zubat but for

some reason it keeps avoiding your

capture despite its sleepy being low

then it's likely that you're actually up

against a Ditto in these instances you

should try using a berry on it and then

switching to an ultra ball to try and

catch it this isn't a for sure guarantee

that you'll catch it but you'll

definitely have a better chance at

finally catching a Ditto if you follow

these tips if you're successful then the

ditto will reveal itself once you've

caught it and then you can dance in joy

that you finally managed to get one of

the little buggers if not well there's

always next time the important thing to

remember is that those special research

missions will always be around so don't

stress yourself too much about trying to

get ditto now when it comes to gym

battles like we said earlier ditto is a

bit of a wild card

whether you're attacking or defending

ditto will take on the form of the

opposing Pokemon and just completely

absorb all its movesets but

unfortunately it's CP and stats don't

change whatsoever if you've got yourself

a high CP do though then you might find

yourself decently matched against your

foe the only thing to bear in mind is

that the first Pokemon it takes the form

of it will stay like that for the rest

of the gym battle but that basically

wraps up our little guide offering you

some of the

tips to help you catch a deal good luck

and try not to let the little guy get to

you we've all been fooled by it at least

once or twice alright maybe more