Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff - Part #4

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how's it going everybody my name is

casey and jumping in do partner before a

family guy the quest were stuff well so

with the top on helping Bruce I like


I like everything to and okay we have to

get one more Hawaiian shirt so that's

good that's on it but looking to do on

happy Allah was a success for town

morale even after someone tried to ruin

it by playing Night Moves 15 times in a

row one at youfox sweet

I need that shirt give it ready very

good indeed I got it

oh I got it okay Bruce

alright looks like he's gonna be here a

while Wow between quagmire and Bruce

this shirt is gonna have all sorts of

humanity on it hey everybody hey I got

Bruce hey y'all I'm gonna join up with

y'all to go on a little adventure and

that's my choice thanks for the gifts

Peter no problem

modern family has made it okay for

people like me to be friends with people

like you

hey gay people okay Bruce chris is up

next he's done a talent show or

something they're shiny wait

all right last up is quick Mara who