Disney Infinity 3.0 Unlocking the Mandalorians



I wish I could see the look on Jabba the

Hutt's face when he has to pay up you

better get to his box before he tries to

slither away I'll take the lead wookie

Naga seats that you wear to that song is

it that Java tell us about TD why was he

in the Droid Factory on Geonosis no per

tutta one dodgy Michi charter tour des

Anglais amok and gonna watch her go

collective the shadow collective Darth

Maul is behind us in moles hands a

powerful weapon

a droid army would be most troubling

news this is where is he taking the war


Tom or Kuno cheeto planet oh knob ah

more choice at yes um no formal shooting

you must be targeting padme's peace

conference you are correct

Jedi Knight but you were that hot slime

will not live to speak of it

wall post car East Death Watch true car

top three spots

for a more effective attack use the


- not problematic flying Mandalorians

out of the air

soon Bhupati true barchi diagram they

are those some days are do this word of

Naboo is troubling senator Amidala

speech delegation is gathering there I

fear what Darth Maul plans for them you

must go there at once may the force be

with you