★ Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters | ALL 155 Secret Charcters of Disney Crossy Road Unlocked

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hey guys and welcome back to my new

Disney crossroad video this is

definitely a unique video it's unique

out there guys I will show you now the

unlocking of 155 secret characters that

you have to unlock by an action it got

all secret characters from released to

this day today and it was a lot of work

guys so please like this video share it

and I will explain you now what means an

action unlock I'm talking about all

secret character unlocking that you have

to unlock by either completing a set

finding a character in a world

collecting a special item such as Maui's

hook or by completing a special quest

such as hop 250 hops with this character

to get that character and it's amazing

it has a length of 26 minutes guys but

it contains all action unlocks I use by

the way the website d-caf am ve rst e G

and L to keep track of all my figurines

it's a Disney crossroad figurine tracker

you will find the link in the video

description and once again it was a lot

of work guys I hope you appreciate it

and we will start right away enjoy it

and leave me a like share this video and

subscribe to my channel if you haven't