Unlock Disk Utility's Power in macOS 10.12 and higher

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welcome to all things Mac I'm your host

Jim fair today how to unlock the power

of Disk Utility

so where is Disk Utility if you go shift

command you your utilities folder comes

up and there it is and we're gonna

double click with the option key down to

close the window as we open Disk Utility

and this is what we would see so here I

have a Windows formatted USB stick

plugged into the USB C port on the side

of my macbook pro here and you can see

that it is an X fat which is a Windows

type of volume so if I want to erase

this and use it on the Mac I can change

this to Mac OS extended journaled the

other ones are not suitable so

case-sensitive no one should ever use

that it's a special case for certain

software engineering things but nobody

else should ever use that and I don't

know why they keep it around it's just

something to users pick by mistake and

then they have problems so I could say

you know format this for Windows but it

turns out it's not really a Mac volume

so if we click erase to all intents and

purposes the operation appears to go off

without a hitch so say it says erasing

if you want any week a look at the