Whirlpool Dishwasher - Control Lock Feature

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all right this is the Whirlpool

dishwasher and I'm going to show you how

to turn on and off the control lock now

the control lock is a feature to prevent

your dishwasher from being tampered with

it's a simple button right here as you

can see it says control lock now to turn

it on and off currently it is on you can

see the lock light what you do is you're

going to hold the button for three

seconds okay so turn it on you see it's

nothing's happening I'm gonna press and

hold it for three seconds and it's going

to count down and it turned the hold

button off now to turn it back on you

just simply do the same thing you hold

with the three psychics wait for the

light to come on and boom alright I'm

going to turn it off one more again so

you can see how it goes alright that's

how you handle the control lock feature

let me know if you have any questions