iPhone X/XS/XR/11: iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes (Forgot Password No Problem!)

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hey what is going on guys so I have a

iphone here says iPhone is disabled

connect to itunes we're going to go

ahead and get this phone back up and

running the reason why you get this

message is because you put in the

password way too many times the wrong

password I mean you did it

or your kid did it now the thing is what

we're gonna do is we're gonna hook this

up to iTunes it doesn't matter if it's

on a MacBook or a regular Windows PC

alright as long as you have iTunes

installed on the computer now this

method is only gonna work for the iPhone

10 10 s 10s Macs and the iPhone 10 R

because it's a different key combination

that you have to do opposed to the prior

iPhone models so what we're going to do

here is a restore in other words we're

doing a factory reset so everything that

is on this phone right now is gonna be

deleted my videos photos everything is

going to be long gone so hopefully you

have a backup now I actually never

backed up this phone but I don't really

have that much important stuff on here

anyways I need to use the phone again

so let's go ahead and get this up and

running remember factory reset or a