How to Remove Forgotten Passcode of ANY iPhone - XS/XR/X/8/7/6 (NO DATA LOSS) FIX iPhone is Disabled

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hello friends how are you in this video

I'm gonna be showing you that how you

can fix your iPhone iPad or iPod if it

is stuck at iPhone is disabled screen or

if you have forgotten your passcode so

this is the video for you let me tell

you that whenever we forgot our pass

code and enter wrong pass codes a lot of

times to our iPhone and we're going to

stuck on this screen for a limited time

and if we enter the wrong passcode more

than 20 times

so our iOS device will stuck on disabled

screen permanently so in this case

unfortunately your all the data in the

iPhone will going to erase there is no

matter no way to get your previous

iPhones data back to your iDevice but

don't worry I have an alternative way to

get your iPhones data back to you via

iCloud backup or iTunes backup which

I'll show you in this video enough

talking let's start our tutorial to fix

this iPhone is disabled the screen so

you cannot fix it without computer you

need a computer for that let me tell you

again that if your iPhone is showing

that it is disabled for a few minutes so

you must wait for it so after waiting

few minutes the disabled the screen will